Edmar M Amaya LL.M.
Edmar M Amaya LL.M.

Edmar Amaya Esq. is committed by the belief that “More brains make for better law.”

His practice takes him all over the state of Florida and throughout the United States. He brings prior experience as an inventor, engineer, and compliance technician to his practice. Edmar handles cases with millions of dollars at stake yet also represents businesses and individuals in smaller disputes. He has over eleven years of trial and appellate experience in both state and federal courts.

A tenacious advocate for the justice and fair rights of all, Edmar got his start fighting for the competent and affordable representation of his colleagues: mechanical engineers just like him. After seeing a brilliant inventor’s work devoured by a nefarious organization, he decided to step into the legal arena, and defend individuals who lacked competent and affordable representation.

With 7 patents under his belt Edmar eagerly devoted his practice to serving the needs of scientists, technology companies, and their immediate family members.

Graduating top of his class in Mechanical Engineering, Emar Amaya would become a mechanical engineer, entering into such fields as hardware, software, microtechnology, shipping & logistics, & research and development. Seeking new challenges, he pivoted into law in 2007 and began to defend the inventors, engineers, and R&D geeks that have gotten him this far.

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